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Community Management
Condominium Management and Maintenance
Electric Vehicles

  • chevron_rightWhat amenities are available?
    Clubhouse with great room, game room, exercise room, patio w/grills, community pool; community ponds, community walking paths, bocce court, horseshoe court.
  • chevron_rightWhat activities are available?
    Clubhouse Events
    Coffee Hour       (twice monthly)
    Happy Hour        (monthly)
    Pool Parties        (monthly)
    Water Aerobics (twice weekly during summer months)
    Grill Nights         (monthly)
    Horseshoes        (anytime; monthly competitions during summer months
    Bocce Ball           (anytime)
    Bingo                   (monthly)
    Bunco                  (monthly)
    Mahjong             (weekly)
    Game Night        (monthly)
    Cards                   (twice monthly)
    Poker Night        (twice monthly)
    Book Club           (monthly)
    Holiday Parties
    Area Events
    Ladies Luncheon                             (monthly; held at various area restaurants)
    Murder-Mystery Play & Dinner                (periodically, held at area restaurant)
  • chevron_rightWhat are the hours of the Community Clubhouse and Fitness Center?
    The Community Clubhouse is open from 7 AM until 10:30 PM daily.
    The Fitness Center, which is a separate area in the building, is open 24/7/365. Entry is through the door on the west side of the clubhouse. THE SECURITY ALARM WILL SOUND IF THE DOOR ENTERING THE LIVING ROOM IS OPENED AFTER 10:30 PM OR BEFORE 7 AM.
  • chevron_rightMay an owner rent the Community Room in the clubhouse for a private function?
    Yes. The room may be rented as long as it does not conflict with a community function. There is a rental fee as well as a refundable security deposit.
Community Management
Condominium Management and Maintenance
Electric Vehicles
  • chevron_rightWhere do I park? When must parking stickers be displayed?
    Each unit has two (2) designated parking spaces. One is inside your garage. The other is the space directly outside your garage. There are 16 garages per building. The remaining two units are assigned specifically marked spaces for their use. Owners are given parking stickers to be displayed on their vehicles at all times. Stickers with blue stripe indicates garage owners; red stripe indicates specifically assigned parking; yellow stripe indicates third resident of a unit. Vehicles with yellow stripe stickers are restricted to parking in the spaces in the “front” parking area of the community (facing Waugh Chapel Road). Towing at the vehicle owner’s expense is enforced for vehicles parked in owner’s spaces, those spaces marked as “Handicap” parking and anywhere the curb is painted yellow or red.
  • chevron_rightWhere may guests park?
    Guests may park in any visitor space for up to 24 hours.  Any visitor who intends to park a vehicle on Carroll's Creek property beyond the first 24 hours must park in one of the resident's assigned spaces (with permission of the resident), or move to a visitor space in front of building 1403 or 1411 near the ponds. Vehicles may not remain in visitor parking spaces for more than 24 hours unless the unit owner or resident has obtained a signed and dated temporary parking placard listing the duration of the intended visit from the CCCA board or a parking committee member.  This placard must be displayed on the front dashboard of the vehicle the entire time the vehicle is on Carroll's Creek property.  Requests will not be automatically approved and will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • chevron_rightWhat should I do if someone is parked in my assigned space?
    It is best to contact your Building Captain or a Board member. The offending vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed if that is required.
  • chevron_rightCan I park a trailer in the community?
    No. Parking is for passenger vehicles only. Trailers, oversize and commercial vehicles are not allowed. No advertisements allowed on vehicle. For further information, see Parking Policy available on community website.
  • chevron_rightHow is the security of the building maintained?
    The front door is locked. Entry is granted by your fob or assigned PIN code for your residence. You can grant entry to guests via the call box in the vestibule. You may also enter through your garage. CAUTION: When your exterior garage door is left open, even for a few minutes, the building is no longer secure. Please ask workers NOT to block the stairway doors open.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the Knox Box? What are the benefits of the Knox Box?
    The building Knox Box provides secure storage of the keys to the units and garages in the individual building. Only first responders can access the Knox Box providing emergency entry into units and garages when required. Without a correct key in the Knox Box, first responders will have to force entry into a unit or garage. The unit owner is responsible for repairs. Residents are to notify their Building Captain when they have changed their front door entry or garage door locks and provide a new key or keycode to be placed in the Knox Box.
  • chevron_rightWhat utilities, if any, are included in the condo fee?
    The utilities paid directly by the unit owner are those affecting the unit. Those include power (electricity and gas), cable, internet and phone. All other utilities (water, sewer, trash and recycling) servicing the complex are covered in the condo fee.
  • chevron_rightHow do I get phone, cable and internet service?
    You may contact Comcast or Verizon for these services. A LOCAL land line may be required for the building front door entry system. Some people are able to use their cell phone number.
  • chevron_rightWhat are owners permitted to do with respect to common areas?
    A professional cleaning service is responsible for cleaning the interior buildings on a weekly basis. Common area lighting uses LED bulbs where possible. Please report any burned out bulbs to the Building Captain. A landscaping contract covers grass cutting, leaf removal and snow plowing. Be responsible! Promptly clean up any spills that you make.
  • chevron_rightWhen is trash and recycle picked up?
    1. Trash and Recycling each occurs twice weekly. The community does not have large item pick up. Large or bulky items that do not fit in the totes MUST be taken to the county landfill located off of MD 32 Exit 3.
    2. Items for recycling are posted in the trash coral and on the website. To conserve space cardboard boxes should be flattened and stacked between the recycling totes.