Coronavirus Rumor Control
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Anne Arundel County Requires Retail Shoppers and Employees
to Wear Face Coverings to Prevent COVID-19’s Spread   
All of Maryland is required to wear face coverings in public spaces,
including outdoors when 6 ft distance cannot be maintained. -AACDOH
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Opening of Carroll's Creek Community Clubhouse
At the C3A Board meeting on 22 April 2021, the Board voted to reopen the Clubhouse and Exercise Room. Barring unforeseen events, we plan to open the Clubhouse on Saturday, 1 May at 12:00 noon.
To use the Clubhouse, residents will be required to individually sign a waiver and agree to the rules and conditions for opening attached to the waiver.
The waiver and rules are here: Waiver
Occupancy limits are currently:
10 people in the Main Room
10 people in the Card Room
3 people in the Exercise Room
Events of over 10 people are not allowed.
Occupancy limits will be posted. If the limits are changed, residents will be notified and new limits will be posted.
Residents attempting to use the Clubhouse without a signed waiver on file or in ways that violate the operating guidance will be locked out of the Clubhouse.
Thanks for your cooperation.
-Paul Boudra
For the Carroll's Creek Condominium Association Board of Directors
State, Local and CDC Guidelines and Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)
These websites are continually being updated by the various sources.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Older Adults, What you can do, Stress and Coping
Frequently Asked Questions: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Older Adults
Maryland Department of Health: Maryland COVID-19 Case Map Dashboard, Latest Updates & Statistics
Maryland Department of Health: Follow Vaccination Progress in Maryland; COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard
Maryland State Government: Office of the Governor - Live Updates, Information and Resources
Anne Arundel County Government: Health Line, FAQs, Cancellations/Closures, Resources, County Actions
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Latest Updates and Information
Johns Hopkins University & Medicine: Coronavirus Resource Center, Live Interactive World Map
COVID‑19 Information & Resources